"Всяко постижение в науката започва с опит и свършва с него" Алберт Айнщайн

11.11.2012 г.

Числата от ТОТО 6/49 тираж 90

Първо теглене: 17; 25; 31; 33; 38; 44
Второ теглене: 18; 19; 22; 30; 32; 34

6.11.2012 г.

Обама спечели изборите за президент!

Барак Обама спечели изборите за президент с 56% срещу 38% за Мит Ромни  , това съобщиха американските братя. Борбата почти не е имало, защото всичко бе решено още с обявяването, че певиците на Пайнер ще подкрепят Обама и ще направят няколко концерта.

15.03.2012 г.

Make Money With Your Videos and Pictures

How much do you make?
Get paid 10¢ cents for ever reaction you make.
Get paid 10¢ cents for every Facebook LIKE you make.
Get paid $10 for approved cute, funny, or interesting videos you upload and own
Get paid $5 for approved cute, funny, or interesting pictures you upload and own
Get paid 5% of lifetime earnings for every user you refer to Jokeroo!

Step 1:
The first step is easy, go to Jokeroo  and register. Make sure to confirm your registration through the email Jokeroo sends you.

Step 2:
Click on the UPLOAD button at the top right of the screen. Make sure you are logged in. It will ask if you want to upload a Video, Picture or Game. Select either choice.
Let’s assume you selected a Video; click on the button that says “UPLOAD YOUR OWN VIDEO”. When you click on it, another button below will say “Upload Video”, click on it and it will open up a prompt for you to select the video file that you want to upload. You’ll need to know the location of your video file. Once you select your file, the upload will begin automatically. Remember, Jokeroo only accepts content that you own.

Next, fill in the Title, Description of your video. Also select the category that the video fits in. From my experience, the videos that get approved the most are cute, extreme, funny videos and some pictures. Also remember to fill in the tags. Tags are single words that describe your video/picture. You can separate each tag with a comma.

Once you filled in all the information, hopefully your upload is completed. You can see the status on the right side of the page. Make sure to agree to the terms and conditions and make sure to check off “Check here to syndicate your content to Jokeroo’s front page and partners”. Now you can press SUBMIT.

Step 3:
Now that your content is uploaded (or if you don’t have any), all you need to do is REACT on videos and pictures. Click on the orange button that says REACT at the top of the screen. Once the page loads, you will see lots of content and hopefully you’ll even see your content near the top. Above every photo or video there will be a section called “Your Reaction” which contains 8 options for you to select; COOL, CUTE, GROSS, LOL, OWNED, SEXY, STUPID, WTF. After watching the video or viewing the picture, select your reaction (the way you feel about the content you just watched). You may also REACT on any video page and picture, it doesn’t have to be on the REACT page.
If you are still logged in, you’ll notice that your balance increases 10 cents with every reaction, but you are limited to only 5 paid reactions per day.

* Be sure to REACT on the content you uploaded yourself, because once you reach 25+ reactions, there is a 90% chance that your content will go front page and you’ll earn $10 for that upload.

Step 4:
Watch any video or photo and click on the Facebook Like button to earn 10 cents. You are capped at 5 per day.

Step 5:
You can also make 5% of lifetime earnings for every friend you refer. Have friends REACT on your content and be sure to REACT on theirs to ensure you get $10 for every upload you make.

Friends work great for the referral cash but work even better when they REACT on your content!